Mohmmad Lord, 19
From Amman. Was online long ago
I want to meet: a girl, 18 - 20 years old
Make him a "Compliment" to attract attention
مرحبا انا اسمي محمد الخطيب من الاردن عمري ٢٧سنه لا اعمل حاليا اريد ان اتزوج بس ضروف الحياة مش قابله تساعدني بتمنى انو القدر يجمعني ببنت الحلال ونكون اسعد اتنين بالحياة ونكون متفاهمين دائما
My tags
good company
active leisure
About me
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Build: average
Education: Secondary education
Languages spoken: العربية
Smoking: I smoke
Drinking Habits: I don't drink at all
Kids: no
Income: no steady income
Living Situation: I live with my parents
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