Митар, 38
From Nikšić. Was online long ago
I will meet:a girl, 29 - 38 years old
Make him a "Compliment" to attract attention
  • automobili
  • zdravlje
  • dobro društvo
  • drumska putovanja
  • Aktivnosti na otvorenom
  • Vožna biciklom
  • motorni prevoz
  • mehanika
  • motor sportovi
  • košarka
  • vožnja biciklom
  • planinarenje
  • odmor na plaži
  • odmor uključujući sve
  • avanturistički filmovi
  • akvarium riba
  • koker španijel
  • Biblija
  • Bog
About me
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 130 kg
Build: a few extra kilos
Education: Secondary education
Languages spoken: Русский, Српски
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
Drinking Habits: social drinker
Kids: yes, but they don't live with me
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